About us

Our hospital is a non-profit private institution that offers health services with an emphasis on highly-complex patient care. It centers its economic effort on those patients who need assistance but cannot afford to pay for it. It performs its task with a comprehensive human focus, quality, and ethics with qualified and committed personnel. The Hospital also participates in the development of human talent and in research development in health areas to contribute to the generation of knowledge.

At San Vicente Fundación we believe in the helping hand of all our allies. We invite you to join the program/project that you like the most and help us to improve the care of the most vulnerable children, adults, and senior citizens.

Are you in another country and want to donate to our causes? Here's how to do it

Donate from wherever you are on our Globalgiving page at https://www.globalgiving.org/donate/12688/hospital-of-san-vicente-foundation/

There you can find some of our projects, such as:

  1. Give health to 60,000 sick children in Colombia.

  2. Hospital classroom for sick children in Medellin.

  3. Save a child with cancer.

  4. Improving health care for the elderly in Colombia.

We count on you!